10 February 2006

Remedy Kit

I'm posting these blurry pictures of my first remedy kit. I was suprised to be encouraged to purchase a kit and to start to try things out on the first weekend of the class; this was a clear contrast to medical school and it took me some time to get used to the idea of prescribing when my knowledge was still in such a rudimentary state. I'm in the process of writing up some of my first experiences...

08 February 2006

Homeopathy Conference

I'm going to the national homeopathy meeting in April 2006:


It looks interesting. There is a one-day preconference on research, and a talk on cost-effectiveness (an area I have worked in in the past). I get to see what all the authors of the textbooks I am reading look like (those that are alive, that is).

I'll be flying with Nomadic Healer. This will be my first trip to San Jose; if anyone has good restaurant (or other) recommendations, please let me know.